Lina do Carmo

Pró-arte Fumdham

“The environment of the Serra da Capivara National Park is a temple of powerful archaic beauty, a place of immense potential itself already contributing to the evolution of the human knowledge. All communities and mainly the children of this Brazilian region deserve social impulse so that they obtain the possibility to exercise their future citizenship and ideals, being heritage their own ancestry.” (Lina do Carmo)

Lina do Carmo was co-founder of Pró-arte Fumdham and responsible for the artistical direction until 2004: Formation, research and creation, a pact between nature, human being and art.

Supporting FUMDHAM (Fundação Museu do Homem Americano) in establishing and protecting the Serra da Capivara National Park, since 1991 UNESCO included in World Heritage and, mainly for the great implement in social and human development, Lina do Carmo in partnership with Fumdham started the program Pró-arte, composed of three interative education programs: dance, music and visual arts, trying important social transformations. Awarded "Cidadão 21 ARTE" by the Ayrton Senna Institute in 2002 and working with children and youngsters from the small communities around the National Park Serra da Capivara, we are trying to wake up artistic inspiration, trusting that knowledge exercised by Art in Education can strongly build up a new generation.

Knowing that art can be able to fortify people awareness to act with more consciousness, we make it a partner to our aims, the valorization of the northeastern citizen (Brazilian country side), creating opportunities through art for better life options and participation in the the world evolution.

We believe that to change the view and development of the northeastern interior of Brazil is rather simple. By trusting and working with the interaction of the people, respecting their natural integrity and giving chances and birth to new cultural forthcoming.

Therefore, the Interarts Festival Interartes came out with the aim to build up artistic evolution, giving culture impulse to the local cultural traditions.

Today the Pró-arte Fumdham is based in the city of São Raimundo Nanato (Piauí) and expressses its own history through the ongoing activities, creating new steps carried by the students and local teachers.



O Pró-arte Fumdham transforma o sertão nordestino em polo cultural

O Pró-arte Fumdham transforma o sertão nordestino em polo cultural

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Dançando no sertão

Dançando no sertão

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