Lina do Carmo

Flamme des Augenblicks (Flame of the Moment)

A dance piece by Lina do Carmo
inspired by Paul Valéry's «The Soul and the Dance», textversion by R. M. Rilke

Co-directed by Eveline Sebaa
Danced by Rebekka Schaefer and Lina do Carmo

Today man is more and more destined by a general lack of movement. At the same time the cult of the body is more extreme than ever: Fitness clubs, solariums and dances studios are popular as never before. Many people are searching for a new feeling of their bodies through body building, plastic surgery, tattooing, piercing and other painful procedures. A huge audience is enthusiastically following industrially produced dance shows like "Riverdance". Are they the adequate equivalents to the exaltations of the body cult? Or has dance today more to offer than pure entertainment? »The Soul and the Dance«, a prose writing by the French author Paul Valéry, can give a valuable inspiration. It describes his thoughts about the dance in the form of a fictional and partly satirical discourse in the style of the ancient Greek philosophy. Valéry's text inspired Lina do Carmo for her choreographic piece »Flamme des Augenblicks (Flame of the Moment)«. After 15 years as a soloist she chose a duo as the adequate form and transferred the statements of the discourse into a choreographed fight. It is not for the first time that the two dancers/actresses work together. In 1999 Rebekka Schaefer danced in Lina do Carmo's choreography »Aruanãzug«. But in »Flamme des Augenblicks« they meet for the first time on stage. The confrontation of two opposite characters opens the view to contemporary longings and needs. According to the sentence: »The greatest freedom comes from the greatest seriousness« the choreography enables the dancers to display their own passions and forces. Sensuality and spirituality shall inspire each other.

Co-production: Choreographic Center NRW, Essen • Die Börse, Wuppertal
Supported by: Stiftung Kunst und Kultur des Land NRW • Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Stadtentwicklung, Kultur and Sport des Land NRW • Kulturamt der Stadt Köln