Lina do Carmo

Viajante da Luz (Lichtreise)

Solo dance devised and performed by Lina do Carmo
Directed by Eleonora Paiva

Viajante da Luz finds its starting point in the ”Dreamspell", a genesis of the cosmos, which is embodied in the Maya culture. Viajante da Luz explains the agreement between powerful movement and harmonious life, between earth and galactic consciousness and indicates the next stage of the human evolution. 

Similarly to the animal’s circle painting of European culture there is a typology, which sketches complex interpretation of astronomical cycles. As it concerns an early experiencing forms which is deeply in the human existences in-rich, and locate the knowledge around oneself in the cosmos. In five scenes Lina do Carmo embodies the traveler by this mysterious world. The journey leads by and into the light: the body becomes the planetary body, which connects its internal nature with the all unified bieng. The Choreography relies on rhythm, sound, color and film projections, making clear the apparently contrasts as part of an all comprehensive, and very consistently composed journey. 

Viajante da Luz turns towards a cultural identity that originally carries universal and timeless existence.

Viajante da Luz is a very consistently composed journey, perhaps a ritual. The entrance into the strange universe of the Maya culture.

The Press

Voyage into the light of Earth »Lina do Carmo does not sell her art to false religious feelings. Far from it, with virtuosity, humour and physical perfection the Brazilian quotes spiritual figures and gestures from around the globe in ‘Viajante da Luz – Voyage into the Light’. In her choreography - that results from collaboration with Eleonora Paiva - gestures from Indian temple dances as well as the poses of the sculptured figures on the front of the Cambodian Angor Wat can be observed. One can recognize body designs from Thailand, Africa and the South Pacific. In a clever way Lina do Carmo disappears behind these figures that she presents. Do Carmo is dressed with nothing but a turban and a loincloth but her performance is completely absent from sexuality.« (Thomas Linden, Kölnische Rundschau, 15.06.2007)

Inspired by the Maya Culture Lina do Carmo goes on a danced „Voyage into the Light“ at the Orangerie Theater in Cologne (...)»The choreographer and solo dancer Lina do Carmo walks onto the stage like a strange archaic sculpture: a high white turban, a loincloth, a painted and powdered body. Then she dedicates herself to a strange rite that is inspired by the genesis of the Maya culture: It seems that her body races through different spiritual conditions in a high-speed mode, it seems that every single of her muscles is submitted to iridescent emotions. In staccatos she stretches her joints to the maximum or she isolates one half of her body in a heavy tremble. Lina do Carmo presents 70 minutes of high intensity, an incredible body control and a sense of the expressive force of smallest movements.« (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 16./17.06.2007)

Idea and Dramaturgy: Lina do Carmo, Eleonora Paiva • Choreography and Dance: Lina do Carmo • Direction: Eleonora Paiva • Visual Concept (space): Dennis Thies • Costume: Çiçek Schuch • Sound Design: Luiz Melo • Light Design: Burkhard Jüterbock • Special Guest: Daniel Wolfisberg • Press and Executive Production: Klara Weber • Production: Compagnie Lina do Carmo in co-production with Theatertransfer Michael Hilleckenbach, Köln, Kulturbüro Schloß Glarisegg, Steckborn/CH and Art of acting in movement Theatre, Warsaw/PL

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW, Förderprogramm SK-Stiftung Kultur