Lina do Carmo

180° Drehung

180 Grad Drehung On going project with children from social conflict areas.

"How to deal with them? Which tools do I use, in order to integrate them? And how comes creativity exactly into the play…" (Lina do Carmo)

In collaboration with the NRW Landesbüro Tanz ("Dance in Schools") Lina do Carmo is part of the project since the beginning in 2006. The schools in which Lina works together with one other colleague are usually situated in social conflict areas. „As artists we must be prepared to be exposed to a lot of difficult situations. Our entire life experience is in demand."

Together with the dance teachers the groups of kids work over several months on a contemporary dance piece, which is finally presented on a professional stage. This is naturally a great impulse for the children. From educational point of view not the „product“ is important but the creative process through which the children go and that makes them grow.

As a professional dancer you are usually concentrated too much on yourself, especially in Germany. Therefore you feel alone sometimes. This is the reason why Lina do Carmo and her colleague find the teamwork and the contact with children very enriching.