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The INTERARTES Festival is an implementation of contemporary artistical performances to the environment of the prehistorical nature. The programming offered a wide aesthetical diversity of dance, visual theatre and music. It selected products of rare visual and acoustic sensibility. The Amphitheatre Pedra Furada, the mythical stage of pre-historical rituals at the National Park Serra da Capivara that is already an important cultural world heritage, can become part of the colourful panorama of contemporary Brazilian culture. An important aspect of the festival is to show the potentials of development of this hidden part of Brazil to theworld. The protection of the natural and cultural environment depends on the sensible appreciation of the visitors and inhabitants of the region.

The invited artists (program):

19.09. - FANTASIA RUPESTRE A group choreography from Lina do Carmo for the students of Pro-arte Fumdham who are inhabitants of Serra da Capivara will open the festival’s program. The work is inspired by mythical way of their living within their roots that nurished the creative process and the lightness in the dance.

19.09. - CAPiVARA A solo dance performed by Lina do Carmo with original music by Pablo C. Chagas, is a dance of pictures in the depth of time. The ancient paintings found in the Serra da Capivara have been a reason for the choreographic research and the inspiration: a fascinating link between archaic universe of myth and modernity, searching for origin mankind.

20.09. - HOME - Thoughts from Abroad Considered one of the most refined recently choreography (A Dance of the Highlands, Jochen Schmidt/FAZ) it accentuated the career of the choreographer Mark Sieszkarek. The Scot, resident in Germany, has been member of the Wuppertal Dance Theatre, Pina Bausch. Opting for choreography, Mark Sieszkarek carried through various creations for Folkwang Tanzstudio. Today, he leads his independent company. In HOME, Thoughts from Abroad, the choreographer creates a poetical kind of movement based on his Scottish roots. It will be the first showing of Mark Sieszkarek Dance Company in Brazil.

20.09. - CIPRIANO The first in a long line movie of Piauí, conceived and produced by filmmaker Douglas Machado. It catches and holds one's attention throughout, odd because it tells about absurdly natural and supernatural realities, so normal and regular to the surrealistic imagination of the Sertão (interior). Mystical modernism ! In its visual anthropology and beauty involving the audience faithfully in the world of Cipriano, a man who dreams his death.

21.09. - DANÇA DO CALANDO A dance work with expressive plasticity and methamorphoses, dealing about an agile and resistant reptile, common in the north-eastern caatinga. The Folk Ballet of Teresina/Piauí, directed by Luzia Amélia, motivates a look for the playfulness which within choreography active and vividly blurs with the imagery within the soul of the animal-man and his beliefs.

21.09. - THE SOLO SHOW Les Bubb’s unique style makes him difficult to pigeonhole... He’s been described as a talking mime; an actor; a dancer; an acrobat and a comedian. TIME-OUT suggests “he’s arguably the best, probably the most imaginative, and certainly the most accessible clown you’ll find treading - and hitting - the boards”. His highly distinctive brand of visual humour succeeded in breaking barriers of language, and his solo-shows received international acclaim. Les Bubb was born in Liverpool.

21.09. - ARUANÃZUG The new production from ALAYA DANCE Company in 2002, brings the choreographic creation of Lina do Carmo. It investigates throw the dancers a relationship between the archaic and modern. The ritual of the dance and music from the Aruanãs, mythical representation of the Karajá Brazilian Indians was the inspiration for multimedial conception with original music of H. Torgue. It is about Myth and Immigration. Alaya Dance Company directed by Lenora Lobo is awarded by the critics and respected by the public from the last ten years.

22.09. - CORAL DOS VAQUEIROS (COWBOY CHOIR) This is an acoustic-visual self-portrait of the proper cowboys from Piauí. Unique in Brazil, the group personifies the desire to sing about the force of their self-protection of their culture tradition and memories. They are typical cattlemen who sing in an extraordinary instrumental chorus directed by Aureliano Melo. They live with the countryside traditions of their land, preserving its own identity. Their incomparable identity create a unique scenic presence.

22.09. PIANO SOLO & VARIATIONS For the first time in Brazil, Henry Torgue performs a poetic music carrying the audience by his simplicity touch. The wealth of his involving, limpid and highly sonorous melodies reveals his lyric personality. The composer and French researcher knows how to explore the popular sources of European music to nourish with intelligence and authenticity his contemporary creation. 

23.09. - TRUVEJA PRA NÓIS CHORÁ The VERVE DANCE Company, from the south of Brazil, evokes the countryside life. It shows about people who suffer poverty, giving this every day life situation the flavour of dance, portraying the force of folkloric manifestations with contagious theatrical codes. Throughout prizes for incentive excellency (Prêmio Estímulo APCA 1999 – Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte). The choreography Fernando Nunes is a poetical, tragic and comic mirrors Brazilian style. 

23.09. The Festival will closed with an ACCORDEON SOLO SHOW of Sebastiana's pure talent and natural power in her stage presence. Listen to her FORRÓ music is a dive in her electrifying personality. The northeaster hides these talents for those who let themselves be taken to the occasional happening. The rustically and very original Sebastiana’s manifestations made her an immediate myth in self- expression

WORKSHOPS: During those days of Festival several workshops offered by the invited artists will take place: • Contemporary Dance with Camilo da Silva / Mark Sieszkarek Company (on 16, 17 and 18 September) • Dance-Theatre / with Fernando Nunes / Verve Dance Company (on 19, 20, 21 and 22 September) • Visual Comedy / Mime with Les Bubb (19 and 20 September) • Creativity and Music with Henry Torgue (19, 20 and 21 September) • Capoeira with Jack Voador • Singing/Choir with Aurelio Melo

CONFERENCES ART – SCIENCE: Various conferences with Anne-Marie Pessis (Visual Anthropologist), Helena Katz (Dance Scientist/Semiótica), Suely Brígido (Anthropologist/Music Composer) and others special guests will be a friction of high specialist from different areas of science and art exchanging their thoughts in open dialogue with the visiting public. The artists will bring from their experiences and researches. At the National Park, where there is already a very suggesting ambience of archeology research will increase interchanges during these days.

FESTIVAL TEAM: President: Niède Guidon • Artistic Director: Lina do Carmo • Local Coordinator: Cris Buco • General Coordinator: Lina do Carmo • Visual Coordinator: Elaine Ignácio • Technical Director: Burkhard Jüterbock • Local Promotion: Jorge Medeiros • Production: PROARTE /FUMDHAM

Photos: André Pessoa and archive of Interartes Festival


The INTERARTS FESTIVAL was sponsored by TELEMAR through the Culture Law SIEC, Piauí Government and the culture support by TELEMAR INSTITUTEAYRTON SENNA INSTITUTE, PIEMTUR, FUNDAC, IBAMA-PIVARIG SA and the local towns



Festival mostra como a arte leva a cidadania

Festival mostra como a arte leva a cidadania

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Interarates supera espectativas

Interarates supera espectativas

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uma carta do Piauí - Ballet Tanz International

uma carta do Piauí - Ballet Tanz International

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multidão aplaude o 1° Festival Interartes - TV Meio Norte

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