Lina do Carmo

Dance in the Köln Philharmonie

Contemporary dance conqueres the big stage of the Cologne Philharmonic Hall

A dance project that allows 200 children and youngsters to live a moment of emotion, self-growth and social shining.

In collaboration with the KölnMusik GmbH Lina do Carmo, together with Benedetta Reuter, André Jolles, and Sonia Franken, develops two new dance productions per year which are thematically connected with the concert program of the Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall.

What makes this project so special is the link with several schools. It offers to the next generation a chance to be active in the renewal of the culture, at the same moment they extend their individual and collective potentialities.

The combination of live music and dance is the vehicle for the artistical creations on changing subjects: "The Four Season - danced" (Vivaldi) and "Tanzen wo der Pfeffer wächst" (African music) (2007); "Die tanzen, die Finnen" (music from Finland) and ”Tausendundein Tanz" (music from Iran) (2008); "Tanz Bach!" (2009); "Picture at an Exhibition" (Mussorgsky) (2010).

»For us choreographers the teamwork is a beautiful experience. The egos have to step back. We only think of the children and the piece. For me it is a wonderful experience, because normally as artists we work very alone«, says Lina do Carmo.