Lina do Carmo

Dance in Education - Dance in Schools

For Lina do Carmo „Dance in Education“ is an important issue. To her opinion dance can transform and strengthen the human being. This motivates her to share her experience with others.

Lina teaches the children that they are creators. They simply should try to forget many stereotypes about themselves and others that they, for example, received from television.

Apart from fun and joy there are three things in dance experience:

* Concentration achievement (concentrated on oneself)
* Self-control (the instinct, the heart and the spirit in balance)
* Presence (keep internal and external calm). Then we can experience consciously energy in movement.

So in dance we learn better awareness of body, emotions and intellect as well as harmony in social behavior and joyness for the soul.

Children are entire souls in small bodies. Like a tree they carry already all in itself, they only need to make the right experiences and get clear structures in order to integrate the real values in daily live and from their own inner source of the knowledge to create.

We are in a totally new time where dance rediscovers the quintessential in our society. Lina do Carmo’s dance methode is linked with up-to-date necessities: she introduces something substantial, energetic into a new esthetic of the body and emotion. She is happy to work in partnership with several projects.

»In dance classes or by choreographic experience I see the children as independent personalities. They are treated and accepted unconditionally. It is important to give them respect, attention and responsibility. Those are important rules for a constructive and peaceful relationship with eachother and for a responsible handling with the environment.«

Dance builds up self-knowledge: Lina compares her work with a laboratory. The children learn to take themselves serious and to investigate. Therefore the art of dance is so well qualified for it because it does not affect only the body but also humans holistically, bringing people in connection with themselves. Children can totally intuitively feel what is happening around. They have sensible antenna. We go as it were into a dance laboratory and investigate ourselves.

»I always tried to connect dance with other things because I think this enriches ...«

»With children with migration background I work with pleasure because these have stronger thirst to be seen and to practice. These children have so much energy. For them taking part in a dance project is a great chance to be privileged and it gives them such good impulse! For me is a rich possibility to include some keys for transformation in their process.«

Experiencing the process: If someone misses „something“ it will always be missing!

»To work with children and youngsters was the great change in my position as an artist: I became totally detached from the ego. I think that is the only possibility to really reach the mission. Each project teaches me something else!«

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Infodienst - Eigene Lebenserfahrung gefragt

Infodienst - Eigene Lebenserfahrung gefragt

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