Lina do Carmo

Contemporary Dance


For Lina do Carmo dance and spirit are inseparably linked with each other. Her method of „organic movements” creates a free creative connection between Indian rituals, Afro-Brazilian dance tradition and European techniques of contemporary movement. Also movements of everyday life source rise into her work. This universal physicality reflects the own origin - and lends the language to the soul expression.

Lina do Carmo communicates the dance as a divine experience, on the traces of earlier cultures with their archaic rites. The search for spirituality in dance is deeply rooted whether with the Indian natives of Brazil, Indian yogis or also in western traditions. She creates also links to methods like Kundalini Yoga, Gurdjieff Movements and Energetic Bodywork, adapting these sources to nowadays. Even if the movements and dances rise from different religions and ethnic roots, the essence is everywhere the same: Striving for harmony that works as a healing for body and mind of the human being. This wideness reflects her large background.

10 basic principles of Lina do Carmo’s teaching

• Stepping, jumping, falling or lying down on the earth must to be done with respect and love.
• Each small or great movement has the same value and correspond to one specific breath. The body does knows that.
• All movements or gestures should be related to the energy of the body’s centers instinctive, emotionally and mentally.
• Preserving inner silence we radiate peace and can use our energy with bigger intelligence.
• The prensence starts with a good concentration and clear regard that has an inclusive or perispheric vision.
• Sharing our internal and external being we can find a point of balance and we can than make better exchange with the world without losing our center in it.
• Use the force with much flexibility so it allows an infinite source of movement.
• Each body is an universe in itself, however we are all equal.
• All movement should serve to self-knowledge and acknowledge a return inwards oneself.
• The laws that govern the dance are the same that hold the cosmos.