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“The environment of the Serra da Capivara National Park is a temple of powerful archaic beauty, a place of immense potential, itself already contributing to the evolution of the human knowledge. All communities and mainly the children of this Brazilian region deserve social impulse so that they obtain the possibility to exercise their future citizenship and ideals, being heritage their own ancestry.” (Lina do Carmo)


Short history

The Festival’s idea came when Niède Guidon, archeologist and director and president of FUMDHAM, invited Lina do Carmo, choreographer from Piauí who lives in Germany since many years, to present her solo dance "CAPIVARA" at the prehistorical site of the Pedra Furada in August 2000. The site had also been included in the celebration of Brazil’s 500th anniversary with the presence of the Brazilan President of Republic at that time, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, in November 1999.

The solo "CAPIVARA" had already been performed sucessfully in many festivals in Europe and Brazil, but this meeting with the original place of the choreographic research was a strong event – not only because of the work’s quality but also because of its magic at the natural stage. The event created a fantastic impact on the local people, children and youngsters from FUMDHAM’s Environmental Education Centres, and visitors, all together more than 700 spectators. Another positive aspect was the permanent installation of the basic technical conditions for theatre performances on the site.

Niède Guidon's and Lina do Carmo’s practical idealism and the big local acceptance of this first theatrical event encouraged and inspired Lina do Carmo to develop the concept of an international arts festival project.


The aim is to promote the cultural identity of the National Park Serra da Capivara to the world, inspiring the protection of this natural and cultural environment, connecting it with the sensible appreciation of visitors and inhabitants of the region.

Such an event will provide social integration in an auditorium that will in a special way enclose the simple populations living on the outskirts of the park as much as the diverse visitors of Brazil and the world.

Intending to build a permanent structure for cultural events the festival will bring national and international artists from dance, visual theatre and music, workshops and conferences about art and science. Productions of rare visual and acoustic sensibility will be selected.

Pedra Furada Amphitheatre, the mythical stage of pre-historic ceremonies, has its own life. It can become a scenic space again. On a site where first traces of pre-historical art are alive the INTERARTES FESTIVAL is now born. It is a pride for us Brazilians to protect one of the largest archeological sites of the world.

The Artistic Director



Festival é marco no Piauí

Festival é marco no Piauí

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